BIOWEAPON Eclipse is a sci-fi fantasy trilogy with the first book completed and on Amazon.


It's the year 2220. Mars was colonized a hundred years ago but instead of becoming a second home to humanity, it became home to a race of genetically engineered animal-human hybrids known as therians, from the Greek word for beast. These bioweapons were created by mad scientists patronized by third-world dictators on earth with the plan of using them as super-soldiers to conquer the blue planet. It did not go according to plan as their creations rebelled against them.

The Beast War, also known as the first interplanetary war, started in 2197 and lasted until 2200. The therians, now referring to themselves as the Chimera Regime, had attempted to invade earth for themselves. They were lead by Alpha Amarok Kron, a ruthless wolf-therian who believed that the strongest should rule. At first, the Chimera were winning with their superior strength, speed, and endurance. They also advanced and experimental weaponry left behind by their creators. The tide turned when earth began creating advanced battle androids, which were even stronger than the therians. A special ops team known as Eclipse was instrumental in dealing a critical blow to the Chimera Regime, banishing them back to Mars.


Marcus Valko is the android son to Masumi, an accomplished AI programmer and CEO of Valko Industries, a company she founded with her late husband Audric, who was killed during the war. Marcus was unveiled five years ago as the world's first techno-organic android, the most human-like robot yet. Until now, Marcus had accepted this without question, but now he has discovered an armored battle mode that he was not told about and has run afoul the Chimera Elite, a special ops team lead by the Chimera Regime's heir, Randor Kron. He also discovered a mysterious fox-therian with the ability to shapeshift and pyrokinesis, abilities that normal therians don't have.

Who, or what, is Marcus really? Why are the Chimera Elite and the heir of the Chimera Regime interested in him? Who is this mysterious kitsune-like fox-therian and what is her part to play? Will Marcus like the answers he finds?



The outline for the second installment is currently being written.


The basic plot for the third installment has been planned.


After the trilogy is finished, BIOWEAPON Eclipse is planned to become a continuing comic series with the possibility of a video game as well. It is my hope to continue the story as long as I am able to.