Ahkmahara Adventurer

Concept for an ahkmahara character, an alien race which will have relevance in the second book, which I’ve already started. I’m not sure yet how often she’ll show up, but she is an important driving force of the plot.

Funny thing is, her name changed during development but not on purpose. I picked Sanuye as her name but, with my terrible memory and spelling skills, it became Sayure. I may stick with the “corrupt” version as it would be more alien than the original name I picked. Ahkmahara itself comes from my inability to properly say ahamkara. I don’t know why I found it so hard to get right.

Anyway, they’re basically magical space elves but instead of elemental powers, their abilities are based on cosmic forces. Their powers come from gemstones in their chests, the concept being based on a kitsune’s hoshi no tama, or star jewel/pearl. Speaking of, there’s another concept I call “cosmic pearls” but I’m still working on it.

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